I'm Selena Marie
I'm A Senior
Class of 2013
I Love Cheerleading -
I Like To Have Fun!
Family And Friends Keep My Heart Beating
I Love Fashion & Photography.
I Have "B I G" Dreams.
Words Can't Describe Who I Am.
There's Plenty More To Me Then Just A Pretty Picture.
I LOVE My Life ;) ♥ ♥ ♥ .


Why am I never enough? Why is so much demanded of me ? How do you expect me to live up to this when you yourself can’t even manage it? I am not alive to be used. I am not your slave. I am not here for you to control. Not a robot you can turn on or off at any time you want. I am only human, why won’t you accept that?

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1 year ago


everything feels okay. I pray to God that this will work out the way we want it to. God is always there and he works in wonderful ways <3 I am so happy to be a believer now. I am so blessed. I know he will answer my prayers.

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